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The Kane Sisters - Under The Diamond


The Kane Sisters - Under The Diamond

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Kane, Liz & Yvonne
\r\n\r\nLiz Kane: fiddle
\r\nYvonne Kane: fiddle
\r\nJohn Blake: guitar
\r\nMick Conneely: bouzouki
\r\nJames Blennerhassett: double bass

\r\n\r\n \r\n Together Liz and Yvonne Kane create a highly exciting \r\nand vibrant sound. These sisters come from Dawros on the \r\noutskirts of Letterfrack, a village in Connemara along \r\nthe West coast of Ireland. With a musical tradition on\r\n both sides of the family, it was only natural for the \r\ngirls to play music. Their grandfather, fiddle player \r\nJimmy Mullen, has been a leading figure on the \r\ntraditional music scene in Connemara for over 50 years \r\nand it was his enthusiasm that encouraged the sisters \r\nto learn to play the fiddle.

\r\n\r\n They began learning music from both their grandfather\r\nJimmy Mullen and South Sligo musician and teacher, \r\nMary Finn McCrudden. Along with the recordings of the \r\nRainey brothers, their grandfather and Mary were an early\r\ninfluence on their music. The Raineys were travelling \r\nfiddle players who visited Letterfrack and the \r\nsurrounding areas in the 1950s.

\r\n\r\n Music very soon became an integral part of their \r\neveryday lives and holidays were spent attending \r\nsummer schools in Tubbercurry and Drumshanbo. Liz was interested in \r\ncompetition unlike Yvonne who disliked the tense \r\natmosphere. In 1992, Liz won the Fiddler of Dooney in \r\nSligo and went on to win the All-Ireland senior fiddle \r\nand duet title as well as the Fiddler of Oriel in 1995.\r\n She returned to Monaghan the following year and regained\r\n the Fiddler of Oriel title.

\r\n\r\n Yvonne and Liz consider their style to be heavily \r\ninfluenced by South Sligo fiddle playing, the music of \r\nEast Galway and in particular the fiddle playing and \r\ncompositions of Paddy Fahey. In recent years, the sisters\r\n have been privileged to meet and play with Paddy whose \r\nmusic plays a central role in their repertoire. The\r\n recordings of Michael Coleman, Hughie Gillespie, Andy \r\nMcGann and Kathleen Collins have also made an impact on \r\ntheir music.

\r\n\r\n Liz studied music at University College Cork and \r\ngraduated with a Bachelor of Music degree and a Higher \r\nDiploma in Education. Yvonne moved to Galway and began \r\nplaying music fulltime. After finishing in Cork, Liz \r\nreturned to Galway and they both shared a house with \r\nmusician, Sharon Shannon. The following year, they joined\r\nher band as part of 'Sharon Shannon and The Woodchoppers.\r\nFor the next three years, the band took them all over \r\nthe world to promote the release of the album 'The \r\nDiamond Mountain Sessions'.

\r\n\r\n They released their first album together \r\n'The Well-Tempered Bow' in May 2002. The girls have also \r\nguested on a number of albums: \r\n\r\nThe Diamond Mountain Sessions - Sharon Shannon (2000) Recorded in the Monastery Hostel in Letterfrack, Galway along with Donal Lunny, Carlos Nunez, Steve Earle, John Prine, Mary Staunton, Jackson Browne, The Hothouse Flowers and Dessie O'Halloran (Liz and Yvonne) \r\nThe Fiddler Fair - compilation from Fiddle festival Mc Carthy's pub Baltimore, Cork (2000) (Liz and Yvonnne)\r\nBehind the Mist - compilation of musicians who have been part of the Bog and Sea Week festivals in Letterfrack over the last fifteen years. (2000) (Liz and Yvonne) \r\nIdir Dh� Solas - Maighread and Tr�ona n� Dhomnaill (2000) (Liz and Yvonne) \r\nProvidence - Providence (1999) (Liz) \r\nTranscendental Blues - Steve Earle (2000)(Liz and Yvonne) \r\nThe Girls won't leave the Boys Alone - Cherish the Ladies (2000) (Yvonne)\r\nMemories from the Holla - Peter and Angelina Carberry (2001) (Liz) \r\nThe Pound Road - Dessie O'Halloran (2001) (Liz and Yvonne)\r\nMn� na h�ireann (Liz and Yvonne)
\r\n1. Jigs: Mike Cooney's Fancy / The Newtown Bridge / The Lakes of Killarney
\r\n2. Reels: Fahey's / Fahey's / The Wild Swans at Coole
\r\n3. Reels: The High Road to Glin / The Low Road to Glin / The Whistler of Rosslea
\r\n4. Hornpipes: Fahey's / The Acrobat
\r\n5. Jigs: The Jolly Corkonian / Aherne's Egg / The Coming of Spring
\r\n6. Reels (Liz's solo): Farewell to Miltown / The Wheels of the World
\r\n7. Slow Air: Sean O'Duibhir a Ghleanna
\r\n8. Reels: Fahey's / Ryan's Rant / The Hut in the Bog
\r\n9. Jigs: Jig for Jimmy / Betsy's Delight
\r\n10. Reels (Yvonne's solo): Red Tom of the Hills / Fahey's
\r\n11. Reels: Fahey's / Fahey's
\r\n12. Old Time Waltz
\r\n13. Reels: The Jug of Punch / Fred Finn's / The Maghera Mountain
\r\n\r\n \r\n

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