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Irish Session Tunes - The Orange Book

$ 15.00

The second collection of Irish session tunes-in sets, selected by Brid Cranitch.C.D. to accompany the the book available @ $16.00 Shiela Garry-fiddle,Brid Cranitch keyboard. THE BLUE BOOK AND THE ORANGE BOOK Now Available From Ossian Irish Session Tunes - in Sets, selected by Bríd Cranitch o Further to the huge success of our Green and Red Books of Irish Session tunes, we now present what we feel is a completely new approach. In these two collections the tunes are grouped together as one would play them at an actual session, i.e. with the transition of sliding from one tune into the next. Apart from being a great resource for those always looking for a tune, it will be a huge bonus for those wanting to play in true session-style. o Each book has a separate CD counterpart with every group of tunes and their proper transitions played both straightforward as well as with ornamentation. The recording was made by Clare player Sheila Garry, a brilliant exponent of a new batch of young masters of the Irish fiddle. She is assisted by the most subtle and intelligent keyboard accompaniments from Bríd Cranitch herself. To call these recordings ‘Demo CDs’ is to do them a grave injustice. Although they may indeed be used as such, they are just as much there for your listening pleasure and may be used in isolation from the books if so wished.

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