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Traditional Irish Music on Flute and Guitar - Jack & Jim Coen


Traditional Irish Music on Flute and Guitar - Jack & Jim Coen

$ 16.00
Coen, Jack and Jim - Jack and Jimmy Coen
\r\nCD 2002 cassette also available @ $10
1. Reels: The Blackthorn / The Boy on the Hilltop\r\n\r\n
2. Single Jigs: Palm Sunday / Rath Amhain\r\n\r\n
3. Reels: The Sailor's Jacket / Roll Her on the Mountain\r\n\r\n
4. Mo Mhathair\r\n\r\n
5. Jigs: The Road to Ballinakill / Humours of Whiskey\r\n\r\n
6. Reels: Gang Me on to Yon Town / The New Policeman\r\n\r\n
7. Reels: Sean Walsh's / The Earl's Chair\r\n\r\n
8. Jigs: Garrett Barry's / Eddie Moloney's\r\n\r\n
9. Anach Cuain\r\n\r\n
10. Reels: O'Reilly's Greyhound / Ballinasloe Fair\r\n\r\n
11. Jigs: Felix the Cat / Whelan's Sow\r\n\r\n
12. Madame Maxwell\r\n\r\n
13. Reels: Derrycrag / Sporting Paddy\r\n\r\n
14. Jigs: Jig of Port Fleadh / Willy Walsh's Jig\r\n\r\n
15. Reels: Sweeney's Buttermilk / Farewell to Connaught\r\n\r\n
16. The Phantom Waltz\r\n\r\n

Internationally reknowned Irish flutist from East Galway Jack Coen is joined by his flatpicking son Jimmy on this gorgeous collection of instrumentals. The unusual pairing of wooden flute and steel-string guitar works beautifully, and if the Coens get along together as well as they mesh musically, theirs is one happy family.

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