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The Salmon's Leap - Randal Bays


The Salmon's Leap - Randal Bays

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Bays, Randal - The Salmon's Leap
\r\nRandal Bays second solo CD "The Salmon's Leap" is a pure \r\ngem in the category of East Clare fiddling\r\n
Salmon's Leap Tune List \r\n
1. Bill McEvoy's/Maids of Mt. Kisco (Reels)\r\n\r\n
2. The Ninety-Nine (by R. Bays)/The Ninety-Eight (Marches)\r\n\r\n
3. The Golden Gardens (by R. Bays)/The Salmon's Leap (by R. Bays) (Slip Jigs)\r\n\r\n
4. The Ragged Hank of Yarn/Rolling in the Barrel/In the Tap Room/Ten Pound Float (Reels)\r\n\r\n
5. Molly St. George (Slow Air)\r\n\r\n
6. The First Hard Rain (by R. Bays)/Ryan's Rant\r\n\r\n
7. Shaskeen Jig/The Floating Bridge (by R. Bays) (Jigs)\r\n\r\n
8. A Stor Mo Chroi (Slow Air)\r\n\r\n
9. Green Grow the Rushes, O/Tim Moloney's (Reels)\r\n\r\n
10. The Gypsy Princess/Woman of the House\r\n\r\n
11. Shores of Lough Graney/Ormond Sound (Reels)\r\n\r\n
12. Maurice O'Connor/Carolan's Welcome\r\n\r\n
13. East at Glendart/King of the Pipers\r\n\r\n
14. The Princess Royal\r\n\r\n
15. Mary Claflin's/The Noon Lasses (Reels)\r\n\r\n
16. Lament for the Great Forests (by R. Bays)\r\n\r\n

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