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The Windy Gap -  Laurence Nugent


The Windy Gap - Laurence Nugent

$ 18.00
Nugent, Laurence
\r\nThe Windy Gap - Laurence Nugent
\r\nLarry Nugent flute & whistles w/ Paddy Keenan, Martin Hayes


  • Paddy Fahy's/Tatter Jack Walsh/Hole in the Boat
  • Thady Casey's/Tommy Gunn's
  • Sean Ryan's Hornpipies
  • Cuz Tehans/The Old Grand Spey
  • Bruach Na Carrige Baine
  • The Ash Plant/The Merry Harriers/Galway Rambler
  • The Green Eyed Lass/The Blooming Meadows
  • The Colliers/Toss the Feathers
  • The Windy Gap/Lady Anne Montgomery
  • The Morning Dew/The Rising Sun/Sean Og's
  • Sean O'Driscoll's/P.T. Connor's
  • Sporting Mall/Sean Ryan's
  • The May Morning Dew
  • Maureen Glynn's/Pull the Knife and Stick it Again

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