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Bealoideas - Oisin


Bealoideas - Oisin

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\r\nGeraldine McGowan, vocals, bodhr�n
Tom McDonagh, bouzouki
Mick Davis, fiddle
Brian McDonagh, mandolin, guitar
Seamus McGowan, guitar, vocals

with: Paul Brady, guitar, whistle, harmonium

"Bealoideas (Tradition) is Ois�n's second 1978 album and concentrates on their vocal work. Here the songs come from the oral tradition, hence the title. Peata Beag do Mhathair is a stunning opener where Geraldine and the band work in perfect tandem. The Bonny Irish Maid is another example of the restraint Ois�n were capable of when necessary on such a beautiful piece. Mick Davis' The Cow ate the Piper adds a humorous note while Brian and Tom McDonagh tackle The Gold Ring with great skill. Musically muscular on the Star of Munster and The Providence, their tightness and attack is good enough to move mountains. Ois�n could really deliver still nothing less than a masterpiece." - John O'Regan

Words of all the songs are included.

1. Peata Beag do Mh�thair
2. The Star of Munster
3. The Cow ate the Piper
4. The Gold Ring
5. The Bonny Irish Maid
6. The Rambling Soldier
7. The Irish Girl
8. The Orphan and Tobin's Favourite
9. Fear an Bh�ta
10. The Providence/Cooley's/The Moibhin

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