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LEO ROWSOME - The Master Pipers - Volume 3


LEO ROWSOME - The Master Pipers - Volume 3

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This beautiful package features 23 tracks from Leo plus a 26 page booklet. NPU 2017

This CD comprises of twenty three previously unreleased recordings of Leo Rowsome. The tracks are mainly home recordings provided by Leo's daughter Helena, along with several archive recordings from RTÉ featuring duets and trios with Sean Seery, Jim Dowling, Vincent Broderick and Larry Redican.

Leo was central to the world of uilleann piping during the twentieth century. As a player, pipemaker, teacher and organiser, he made an unequalled contribution to the preservation and promotion of the craft.

His playing was known to generations of Irish people through his performances on radio, from the earliest broadcasts of an Irish radio station, 2RN, up to the time of his death in 1970. Garech Browne considered his music so important that he founded a record company, Claddagh Records, so that he could publish Leo's music, and that album, Rí na bPíobairí/ King of the Pipers (Claddagh CC1) was the first LP recording of uilleann piping to be commercially released.

There has always been an appetite for more recordings from Leo, and it is hoped that this release will go some way towards satisfying that demand.


1 Sliabh na mBan; Fáinne Geal an Lae; O’Donnell Abu; The Foggy Dew; I Won’t be a Nun; Brian Ború’s March (Air & Marches)

2 Eileen Curran; The Five Mile Chase (Reels)

3 The Queen of the Rushes; The Battering Ram (Jigs)

4 Spailpín a Rún (Air)

5 The Blackbird (Set Dance)

6 Down the Broom;The Maid Behind the Bar (Reels)

7 Nóra Críona (Jig)

8 Skibbereen (Air)

9 The Flax in Bloom; The Milestone; The Dairy Maid (Reels)

10 Príosún Chluain Meala (Air)

11 Gillian’s Apples; The Luckpenny (Jigs)

12 The Jolly Tinker (Reel)

13 Burns’ Farewell (Air)

14 The Salamanca; The High Road to Galway (Reels)

15 Casadh an tSúgáin (Air)

16 The Pipe on the Hob; Jackson’s Cook in the Kitchen (Jigs)

17 She Lives Beside the Anner (Air)

18 The Stone in the Field; The Lightning Flash (Reels)

19 Her Mantle So Green (Air)

20 The Hunter’s Purse (Reel)

21 The Maid Behind the Bar; Ah Surely! (Reels)

22 The Harp that once Through Tara’s Halls; The Moon Behind the Hill; Fáinne Geal An Lae (Marches)

23 Carolan’s Receipt for Drinking (Carolan Piece)


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