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Ciorras - Silver Lining


Ciorras - Silver Lining

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Ciorras were formed by Donal Lunny during the hit Irish television Series Lorg Lunny, during which these 8 young musicians were invited to create a new band with a fresh, new unique sound in traditional Irish music

Thus Ciorras was born, a young and innovative band centered around Dónal's new percussion instrument 'The Greadán', creating a sound that is a hybrid of both new and old traditions.

 This exciting new band have a diverse repertoire of newly composed tunes sitting comfortable alongside the more traditional repertoire and a selection of lesser-known songs. With an impressive assortment of instruments between them including fiddle, concertina, pipes, piano accordion, keyboards, percussion, low-whistles, voice and no less than 4 exceptional flute players, the possibilities are endless as demonstrated in their choice of repertoire woven among imaginative and original arrangements and played with an energy and enthusiasm that showcases the phenomenal playing ability and musicality of these outstanding young musiciansThe band members come from throughout Ireland and many of them are either current or past students of some of Ireland's most renowned music colleges including the School of Music at University College Cork, the Irish World Music Centre at the University of Limerick and Dublin Institute of Technology. The band members consist of Tara Breen from Co. Clare, one of the two female band members (fiddle & flute), Robert Harvey from Laois (flute), Tadhg O'Meachair from Dublin (piano, piano accordion), fellow Dubliner James Mahon (pipes, flute, low whistles), Clare's Dermot Sheedy (percussion including the new Greadan instrument), Laois' Tommy Fitzharris (concertina & flute), Cavan's Ciara Cunningham (vocals)



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