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The frost is all over!

Newest Titles:  TOMMY PEOPLES - Recorded at Fiddler's Hearth; THE CORNER HOUSE SET - Aidan Coffey, Frankie Gavin, Alec Finn & Colm Murphy; BOX SETS - John Redmond; WON'T YOU COME OUT TONIGHT - Brian Conway & GAILFEAN;  EIRE JAPAN - Paddy Keenan, Frankie Gavin & Junji Shirota;  NOW - Ciaran Somers with Nicolas Quemener; HOOKED ON BANJO - Cathal Hayden; THE LADY's CUP OF TEA - Mary MacNamara; RESONANCE - Paul de Grae with Amala; GATEHOUSE - Tus Nua; A MUSICAL LIFE - Peter O'Loughlin; and due in next few days WHITE ISLAND - Laurence Nugent    Thank you to The Music Makers! 

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