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Ceili Time - John McGrath


Ceili Time - John McGrath

$ 20.00

John McGrath, a native of Nurney, Co Carlow, is one of Ireland's greatest

exponents of the three row button key accordion. From an early age his natural musical

gifts were recognised, and it came as no surprise when he was crowned three row Leinster Champion while still a teenager.


He has made many appearances on Irish Television, and toured the United States with the Avoca Céilí Band.


On this recording John displays all his musical skills, and I know that you will enjoy

listening to these fine selections – and if you feel like dancing – well, go right ahead!.

Long may John continue to give musical pleasure to his very many fans. 


        01. (Reels) Far From Home / Mulhaire's.

        02. (Hornpipes)  Dwyer's / Ryan's.

        03. (Reels) The Scholar / The Green Gates / Bonnie Kate

        04. (Polkas)  Kerry Polka Selection

        05. ( Waltz ) The Oslo Waltz

       06. (Reel )  The Mason's Apron

       07. (Marches) Roddy McCorley / Kelly From Killane / The Boys of Wexford

       08. (Polkas ) Polka Set Selection

       09. (Jigs ) Father O' Flynn / Irish Washerwoman / Haste To The Wedding

      10. (Hornpipes) Harvest Home / The High Level

      11. (Reels) The Foxhunter / The High Reel

      12. (Irish Waltzes) Sean O' Dwyer  / Endearing Young Charms / Oft In The Stilly      Night

      13. (Jigs) William Bell / Tobin's Fancy / The Long Horned Sheep

      14. (Reels) Joe Burke’s Favourites 


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