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Live In Spiddal - Tony MacMahon & Steve Cooney


Live In Spiddal - Tony MacMahon & Steve Cooney

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MacMahon, Tony
\r\nLive In Spiddal / Scaoil Amach an Pocaide - Tony MacMahon & Steve Cooney\r\n\r\n
\r\n\r\nAn emotional resonance has always been at the core of Tony MacMahon's accordion playing. Now that he's decided to lay his accordion aside and step away from live performance, there's an especially poignant quality to this live recording from Spiddal.\r\n\r\n
\r\nMacMahon's playing is writ large across the selected sets, with Steve Cooney's accompaniment underscoring and countering with just the right balance of driving rhythms and subtly intuitive melody lines.\r\n\r\n
\r\nThe big tunes are still firmly within MacMahon's grip (The Wounded Huzzar and O'Neill's March), but so is his deliciously haughty reading of The Rolling Wave and the sprightly The Garden Of Daisies.\r\n\r\n
\r\nA fine valediction from a musician whose fervour shows few signs of waning.\r\n\r\n
\r\n1. C�nla, Na Ceannabh�in Bh�na, Cailleach an Airgid 04:39 \r\n
\r\n 2. The Plains of Boyle, The Friendly Visit 04:32 \r\n
\r\n 3. The Rolling Wave 03:53 \r\n
\r\n 4. Caoineadh Eoghain Ruadh 05:25 \r\n
\r\n 5. Brother Gildas' Jig, Port Shean She�in 03:55 \r\n
\r\n 6. The Battle of Aughrim (Cath Eachroma) 03:24 \r\n
\r\n 7. The Wounded Huzzar 05:17 \r\n
\r\n 8. The Garden of Daisies (Gaird�n na N�in�n�) 02:59 \r\n
\r\n 9. The Humours of Drinagh, A Trip to Athlone 03:33 \r\n
\r\n 10. O'Neill's March (M�irse�il U� N�ill) 05:19 \r\n

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