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Gathered - Christopher Murphy


Gathered - Christopher Murphy

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Murphy, Chris
\r\nGathered : A Ten Year Journey of World Music - Christopher Murphy\r\n
CD 2010\r\n

Gathered: a ten-year journey of world music �\r\n

a new solo release from Chris Murphy who describes the CD as follows : Gathered \r\n

This collection consists of original pieces which I have composed over the span of ten years. There are over thirty instruments played which envelop my passion for the many instruments and traditions of world music; in particular, Native American and Middle Eastern styles. These archived pieces were waiting for a concept with which to weave them. In the tapestry of this music is found a texture and scope of emotion that may only be found in a collec-\r\n\r\n
Christopher Murphy \r\n

Born in Concord, New Hampshire in 1970, Chris's earliest musical experiences were sketched at age 6 through stints with piano, guitar and drums. In his teens, Chris began a more intimate relationship with percussion as he learned drum-kit, then keyboard and synthesizer. Through the years his interests followed �an eclectic path from Progressive Rock Fusion and Jazz to experimentation with World and New Age soundscapes". \r\n

During this time Chris started to disconnect from exclusively-synthetic music. Chris states: � I needed more than samples and suppositions of sound and wanted to return to true musical traditions. I've always been fascinated by ancient music and instruments". Through these years he returned to his own heritage and began playing the Bodhran. This Irish Drum soon became a principal instrument and brought him from sessions to the stage where he has performed with some of the finest names in Irish music. \r\n

"Being a painter as well, I love the endless possibilities of the empty canvas and have a tendency to paint with sound when I compose. I look at this CD as a collection of some of the colors I've painted with for the past 10 years.�\r\n

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