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Chords & Beryls - Edel Fox


Chords & Beryls - Edel Fox

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Fox, Edel
\r\nChords & Beryls - Edel Fox\r\n

1. REELS The Honeymoon � Lough Mountain�Love at the Endings 3.52\r\n
2. JIGS Currants for Cakes, Raisins for Everything -Scatter the Mud Langstrom's Pony 4.21\r\n
3. FLING/ REEL Kitty Got a Clinking Coming from the Fair -The Victory 3.00\r\n
4. Loftus Jones\r\n
5.SET DANCES The Humours of Bandon/ the OrangeRogue 4.07\r\n
6.REELS Tim Maloney - The Piper's Despair � The ConnachtHeifers 3.24\r\n
7.HORNPIPES The Harvest Home /The LiverpoolHornpipe 4.44\r\n
8.The Joyous Waltz (with Jackie Daly) 2.49\r\n
9.JIGS The Sheep in the Boat � The Luachrach�n's Jig - The Legacy 4.00\r\n
10.SET DANCE The Fall of Dunboy 2.49\r\n
11.REELS Barr na Chuille � The Ballina Lassies � Gorman's 2.55\r\n
12.JIGS King of the Pipers - Sean Bu� 4.13\r\n
13.REELS The Knotted Chord - Jenny's Welcome to Charley � Molly B�n. 4.38\r\n

Extract from Sleeve Notes: \r\n

This album is a collection of tunes which I love playing.Some of them are newly composed but many of them are tunes which have been within the tradition for many years. 1 have a particular interest in the music of West Clare and the stories and people behind the music. When choosing which tunes to include on this recording, I was drawn to many of the unusual and funny names � "Kitty Got a Clinking coming from the Fair" (I have yet to find out what a 'clinking' is!) and "Currants for Cakes, Raisins for Everything". I enjoy playing a tune if I feel that\r\n\r\nthere might he an entertaining story behind it � I feel that I am somehow part of that story! One of the most recent tunes which I learnt is "The Fall of Dunboy" which was composed by John Dwyer. I decided to include it on the album as it is one of the most beautiful, yet unusual tunes I have ever encountered. There are other tunes included which I have picked up over the years of playing in Miltown Malbay, Limerickand Ennis. Some of the tunes remind me of certain people and places, such as Friel's kitchen, the Blond's or the Crosses Annagh � places where I learnt much of my music and met some wonderful people. "The Joyous Waltz" which I play with Jackie Daly, makes me think fondly of many late nights/early mornings in Friel's kitchen, when nobody would want to go home and there would be singing, dancing and music until dawn.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n

This album is dedicated to the memory of my special friend Joan Looney\r\na beautiful lady who never wanted the fun or the music to end.\r\n\r\n

Edel Fox June 2010\r\n

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