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Disgrace Notes - Seamus Begley & Tim Edey


Disgrace Notes - Seamus Begley & Tim Edey

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Begley, Seamus & Tim Edey
\r\nDisgrace Notes - Seamus Begley & Tim Edey

He's back, with a fire in his belly that�d set flame to the western seaboard. Seamus Begley's accordion traces a characteristically ferocious path through local tunes and songs from west Kerry on the aptly titled Disgrace Notes, but the finesse of the arrangements, the eclecticism of song choices and the riches mined by his collaborators (including Rita Connolly, Shaun Davey and Begley's daughter, M�abh, whose fine-boned backing vocals glisten alongside brother Eoin's concertina) elevate this gloriously ragged-edged collection to the top drawer. Guitarist Tim Edey brings a fresh-faced poise to the guitar accompaniment, and he and Begley have forged a partnership that caresses the tiptoeing Night at the Fair set as beautifully as it does the haunting A mhr�n na Leabhar and the powerhouse polka set, Polca� Eoin (composed by Eoin Begley).\r\n\r\n
**** Irish Times\r\n\r\n

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