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Bosca Ceoil and Fiddle - Cathal Clohessy & Eamonn Costello


Bosca Ceoil and Fiddle - Cathal Clohessy & Eamonn Costello

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Clohessy, Cathal & Eamonn Costello
\r\nBosca Ceoil and Fiddle - Cathal Clohessy & Eamonn Costello\r\n

The album, Bosca Ceoil & Fiddle, is a recording of Irish traditional music played on button accordion, fiddle and bouzouki. The musicians on the album are: Eamonn Costello (button accordion), Cathal Clohessy (fiddle), and Rodney Lancashire (bouzouki). On a number of the sets of tunes on the album they have experimented quite a bit with: tempo, dynamics, and counter melodies. On other tracks they have recorded what might be called more �traditional� settings of tunes. Eamonn and Cathal have also composed a number of pieces on the album; some of these pieces are very much in the traditional idiom while others are more contemporary in style.\r\n

The CD is divided roughly into three sections: duets on button accordion and fiddle, trio on button accordion, fiddle, and bouzouki, and solos (both on button accordion and fiddle).\r\n\r\n

01 The Stray-Away Child (jig) 3.08\r\n
02 The Minstrel's Fancy & Claw's Hornpipe 3.11\r\n
03 Sergeant Early's Dream (slow reel) 2.24\r\n
04 Sean Ryan's, Gan Ainm (Return to Milltown), Farewell to Milltown (reels) 4.20\r\n
05 The Tempest, Farrell O'Gara's, Rhattigan's (reels) 4.20\r\n
06 Hardiman's Fancy & The Drowning of Bruckless (jigs) 3.17\r\n
07 Farewell to Eyrecourt, Tom Wards Downfall, Mama's Pet (reels) 3.22\r\n
08 Miss Langford (slow reel) 2.39\r\n
09 Man in the Bog & Loch Pholl an Gh�inne (jigs) 3.15\r\n
10 Aisling Gheal (air) 3.46\r\n
11 �ille Dhomhain (waltx) 3.20\r\n
12 The Whistling Postman, Lawson's Favourite (reels) 2.24\r\n
13 Philobus, Brian O'Kane's (waltz and March) 4.14\r\n
14 An Dr� & Tarantella Napoletana 5.21\r\n

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