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The Ewe With the Crooked Horn - Gannon, Smith & Blake


The Ewe With the Crooked Horn - Gannon, Smith & Blake

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Gannon, Colm, Jesse Smith & John Blake
\r\nEwe With The Crooked Horn - Colm Gannon Jesse Smith & John Blake - Ewe With The Crooked Horn\r\n
[JCB01] 2010 CD\r\n\r\n

Colm Gannon - Accordion & Melodeon\r\n
Jesse Smith - Fiddle\r\n
John Blake - Guitar, Piano & Flute \r\n \r\n

1) Reels: McGreevy's - The Silvermines\r\n
2) Jigs: Jim Donoghue's - Gan Ainm - The Wearied Lad\r\n
3) Reels: The Honeymoon - The Connemara Stockings\r\n
4) Jigs: I'm A Man in Myself Like Olivers Bull - Drimroe Cross\r\n
5) Reels: O'Keeffe's - Boy On the Hill Top\r\n
6) Jigs: I Rambled Once - I'm Content With My Lot\r\n
7) Flings: Old Stack of Wheat - Johnny Will You Marry Me?\r\n
8) Reels: Dunboyne Straw Plaiters - Wheels of the World\r\n
9) Fling: The Four Courts\r\n
10) Jigs: The Mouse In the Cupboard - The Lark In the Strand\r\n
11) Reels: The London Lasses - The Burnt Cabbage\r\n
12) Hornpipes: The Ewe With the Crooked Horn - Pol Ha'Penny\r\n
13) Jigs: Strike the Gay Harp - My Former Wife\r\n
14) Reels: Give Us Another - The Stone In the Field\r\n
15) Jigs: The Kesh - Richard Dwyer's\r\n
16) Reels: The Killavil Reel - Down Through the Broom\r\n \r\n \r\n\r\n

Colm Gannon,from Boston, and Jesse Smith,from Baltimore, have been playing music together from childhood. The two moved back to Ireland from America in 1998 where they met John Blake, from London. The three have been playing music together ever since. They've recorded their debut album as a trio Called " The Ewe with the Crooked Horn" which will be available now!\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n

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