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Makin' the Rounds - Billy McComiskey


Makin' the Rounds - Billy McComiskey

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McComiskey, Billy - Makin' the Rounds
\r\nCD 1981 GL/Compass

A new standard for button accordion playing. Joining Billy are Andy O'Brien on guitar, Pat Keough on fiddle, stepdancer Donny Golden on two astonishing tracks, and the late Sean McGlynn, Billy's mentor, on two classic duet accordion cuts. A monumental album by the 1986 All-Ireland Senior Accordion Champion. \r\n\r\n

1. The Boogie Reel / The Controversial Reel \r\n
2. The Independent / Rabbit in the Field \r\n
3. Bill Hoare's / Mick Flaherty's \r\n
4. O'Donnell's / Spellan the Fiddler \r\n
5. Eddie Kelly's / Miss Casey's \r\n
6. Wood's Lamentation \r\n
7. The Flowers of Brooklyn / The Palm Tree \r\n
8. Peter Murphy's / Mick Flaherty's \r\n
9. Johnny Allen's / Sporting Nell \r\n
10. Planxty Davis \r\n
11. Windsor Terrace / Sault's Own Hornpipe \r\n
12. Dinny Delaney's / Set the Clock \r\n
13. The Wandering Minstrel / The Millpond \r\n
14. Leave My Way / Chicago Reel\r\n

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