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Skin and Bow - Folan & Davey

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Davey, Junior & Declan Folan
\r\nSkin And Bow - Junior Davey & Declan Folan
Maurice Lennon's/ Road to Cashel \r\n
Natural Progression; \r\n
Gillespie's; \r\n
Bodhran Solo/Donegal Reel \r\n
Over The Broken Bridge; \r\n
Tempest/Farrell O Gara's/The Clogger Quilt \r\n
Rose On The Heather/Out on the Ocean/Lambert's \r\n
Dowry/Bridge Harpers \r\n
Jenny Picking CocklesBells of Tipperary/Fahy's \r\n
The Slatted House/Kilavil \r\n
Phil Cunningham's; \r\n
Larry Reddigan's/Doherty/Crawford's \r\n
Knoc-Na-Gow/McGann's \r\n
Folan's/Hunters Purse/Charlie Lennon's \r\n
Gold Ring/Tonra's\r\n
Molloy's Favourites; \r\n
Maurice Lennon's/Road to Cashel\r\n\r\n

Young all-Ireland champions Declan Folan (fiddle) and Junior Davey (bodhran) are joined on the album by Shane McGowan (guitar) and Andy Davey (fiddle).\r\n

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