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Reels & Rants, Flings & Fancies  -  Peter Kennedy


Reels & Rants, Flings & Fancies - Peter Kennedy

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Kennedy, Peter - Traditional Dance Music of Britain and Ireland\r\n
Fiddler's Tune-Book series
Reels & Rants, Flings & Fancies\r\n\r\n
Edited by Peter Kennedy. For Fiddle. Songbook. Fiddler's Tune Book. Fiddle Tunes. Level: Beginning-Intermediate. Book. Size 8.25x11.75. 48 pages. Published by Dave Mallinson Publications. (A168) \r\n

Just as the original Fiddler's Tune-Book provided an extremely broad base of adaptable tunes for many musicians, this collection provides a further 200 melodies with chord symbols all in cut time from England, Ireland, and Scotland. It is noteworthy that many of these tunes are unavailable elsewhere; most have been collected and notated directly from traditional musicians. Hopefully, they will go at least some of the way to satisfying the healthy and seemingly endless thirst for the traditional music of Britain and Ireland. Needless to say, despite the title, these tunes are for all musicians, not just fiddlers.\r\n
\r\nAround the World for Sport\r\nAtlantic Roar, The\r\nBallina Heroes, The\r\nBantry Bay\r\nBirks of Aberfeldy, The\r\nBlackberry Blossom, The\r\nBlack Rock, The\r\nBonniest Lass in a' the World, The\r\nBonny Braes of Skelmorlie\r\nBonny Irish Lassie-o\r\nBonny Lad, The\r\nBraes of Auchtertyre, The\r\nBucks of Oranmore, The\r\nBuff and Blue\r\nCaledonian Hunt, The\r\nCameronian Rant, The\r\nCaptain Keeler\r\nCaptain McIntosh\r\nCaptain Rutheven's Fancy\r\nAtlantic Sound, The\r\nBallyvaughan, The\r\nBang it Up\r\nBecause I was a Bonny Lad\r\nBelles of Omagh\r\nBelvidere\r\nBirds in the Bushes\r\nBlack-haired Lass, The\r\nBlossom of the New Tree, The\r\nBoatman's, The\r\nBonnie Boy, The\r\nBonniest Lass in Ayr, The\r\nBout Street Lasses, The\r\nBoy in the Gap, The\r\nBraes of Auchintyre, The\r\nBrian Boru\r\nBright Star of Munster\r\nBrown-eyed Girl, The\r\nBucks of Cranmore, The\r\nBundle of Straw, The\r\nCa Hawkie Through the Winter\r\nCaber Feigh\r\nCaper Fey\r\nCaptain Murray's\r\nCaptain Murray's Fancy\r\nCastle Street Reel, The\r\nCat that Ate the Candle, The\r\nCat that Kittled on Jamie's Wig, The\r\nChareville Lasses, The\r\nCharming Katie\r\nCharming Molly Brannigan\r\nClean Pease Strae\r\nCock Your Pistol, Charlie\r\nCoco Bram\r\nCollege Groves\r\nColonel Lennox's Love\r\nColonel McBain\r\nComing Through the Fields\r\nConnaught Reel\r\nThe Connacht\r\nConnolly's Reel\r\nCork Lasses\r\nCorporal Casey's Favourite\r\nCountess of Buchan's, The\r\nCow that Ate the Blanket no. 2, The\r\nCraig's Pipes\r\nCreeping Mouse, The\r\nCronin's\r\nCrossmolina Lasses, The\r\nCuddy's Fancy\r\nCup of Tay, The\r\nDainty Davie\r\nDan Sullivan's\r\nDark-haired Lass, The\r\nDeers' Horns, The\r\nDevonshire, The\r\nDiamond Reel, The\r\nDickie Gossip\r\nDispute at the Crossroads, The\r\nDistrict Nurse, The\r\nDiversion Everywhere\r\nDoctor Gilbert\r\nDonalblane\r\nDonegal, The\r\nDownshire Reel, The\r\nDuke of Bedford's Fancy, The\r\nDuke of Clarence, The\r\nDuke of Gordon's Favourite, The\r\nDuke of Perth's, The\r\nDumfries Reel\r\nDundee Reel\r\nDunkeld Hermitage\r\nEight O'Clock Train, The\r\nEnnis Lasses\r\nEvergreen, The\r\nFairies are Dancing\r\nFamily Estate\r\nFandango\r\nFanny's Favourite no. 1\r\nFanny's Favourite no. 2\r\nFaraway Wedding, The\r\nFarmer Killed his Ox Today, The\r\nFile-na-mBan\r\nFile na Mon\r\nFill up the Bowl\r\nFive Mile Chase\r\nFive Miles Off\r\nFlora McDonald\r\nFlowing Bowl, The\r\nFour-hand Reel, The\r\nFoxie Mary\r\nGarden of Daisies, The\r\nGeneral McBean\r\nGirl in Danger\r\nGirl with the Handsome Face\r\nGlastertown's Downfall\r\nGlenkindie\r\nGood-humoured Reel, The\r\nGooseberry Blossoms\r\nGosson that Bate his Father, The\r\nGreen Bed of Rushes, The\r\nGreen Fields of America, The\r\nGreen Fields of �ire, The\r\nGreen Groves of Erin, The\r\nGreen Jacket, The\r\nGreen Pantaloons, The\r\nGreig's Pipes\r\nGrey Daylight\r\nGrey Frieze Breeches, The\r\nHame cam oor Gude Man\r\nHard by Seifin\r\nHare's Paw, The\r\nHaud the Bonny Lass till I come at Her\r\nHenry's Scotch Reel\r\nHighland Black Laddie\r\nHighlander's Bonnet, The\r\nHighlander's Kneebuckle, The\r\nHighland Fling, The\r\nHighlandman Kissed his Love, The\r\nHighland Plaid, The\r\nHighway to Holborn, The\r\nHold the Bonny Lass\r\nHonourable Miss Buller's, The\r\nHopetown House\r\nHullichan Reel, The\r\nHumours of Six-mile Bridge, The\r\nI'll Break Your Head for You\r\nI'll Follow my Love to Carlow\r\nIn and Out the Harbour\r\nIn the Tap Room\r\nIsle of Skye\r\nJack Latten\r\nJackson's Chickens\r\nJenny and the Weasel\r\nJenny Nettle\r\nJenny Picking Cockles\r\nJenny's Welcome to Charlie\r\nJim Kennedy's Favourite\r\nJolly Tinker, The\r\nJoshua Grey\r\nJudy Brallaghan\r\nKelton's\r\nKerry Huntsman, The\r\nKilkee Heroes\r\nKilkee Lasses\r\nKillala Lasses no. 1\r\nKillala Lasses no. 2\r\nKilrush Lakes\r\nKilworth Lasses, The\r\nKing George the Fourth\r\nKiss the Maid Behind the Bar\r\nKitty's Wishes\r\nLadies' Pantalettes, The\r\nLady's Cup of Tea, The\r\nLady's Pantaloons, The\r\nLads and Lasses\r\nLady Ann Hope\r\nLady Baird's\r\nLady Caroline Birtitle\r\nLady Cuffe's Fancy\r\nLady Cobbett's\r\nLady Madelina Sinclair's\r\nLady Mary Ramsay's\r\nLady McLeod's\r\nLady McNabb's\r\nLady Montgomery's\r\nLady Padget's Fancy\r\nLady Shaftesbury's\r\nLady Terfichen's Rant\r\nLast Word, The\r\nLeather Buttons\r\nLennox Love to Blantyre\r\nLet a Body Lie with You\r\nLimber Up\r\nLittle Beggarman, The\r\nLittle Fanny's Love\r\nLoch Ness\r\nLochaber Reel\r\nLord and Lady Courtney's Delight\r\nLord Dalhousie's Reel\r\nLord Elphinstone\r\nLord Gordon's\r\nLord Melville's Fancy\r\nLord Tullamore's\r\nLoughrea Lasses\r\nLove in a Hurry\r\nLowland Rant\r\nLowlands of Scotland, The\r\nMad Couple, The\r\nMaggie Picking Cockles\r\nMaid Behind the Counter, The\r\nMaid of Isla, The\r\nMaids that Left the County, The\r\nManchester, The\r\nMargaret's Fancy\r\nMarquis of Huntly, The\r\nMarquis of Huntly's Fling, The\r\nMary Ann's Caper\r\nMaster Crowley's\r\nMaster Henry's Reel\r\nMcDonald's Fancy\r\nMidnight Frolic, The\r\nMillstone, The\r\nMiller of Drone, The\r\nMiller that Grinds the Barley, The\r\nMiss Amelia Stewart's\r\nMiss Blake's Fancy\r\nMiss Bourke's\r\nMiss Campbell's\r\nMiss Corbett's\r\nMiss Dwyer's\r\nMiss Gordon's\r\nMiss Johnston's\r\nMiss Lyall's\r\nMiss McDonald's\r\nMiss Patterson's Slipper\r\nMiss Thornton\r\nMiss Walker's Favourite\r\nMister Crawford's Reel\r\nMorning Star 2, The\r\nMother Carey\r\nMountain Road, The\r\nMy Braw Highland Laddie-o\r\nMy Heart with Love is Breaking\r\nMy Honey's in the House\r\nMy Love is on the Ocean\r\nMy Own Whym\r\nNancy in the Hobble\r\nNew Limerick Lasses\r\nNew Line Lassie\r\nNew Mown Meadows\r\nNiel Gow\r\nNiel Gow's Daughter\r\nOld Locks and Quays of Galway\r\nOld Maids of Galway\r\nOpera Reel, The\r\nPaddy Bolster's\r\nPalmerstown Lasses\r\nParnell's Reel\r\nPeep of Day\r\nPeggy is a Bright Young Thing\r\nPhelan's Fancy\r\nPigtown Fling\r\nPound Street Lasses\r\nPretty Little Girl that I Love, The\r\nPride of the Ball, The\r\nPrimrose Girl, The\r\nPure Drop, The\r\nRage, The\r\nRakes of Castlebar, The\r\nRakish Paddy\r\nRattle the Bottles\r\nRebrand, The\r\nRed-haired Boy\r\nReel o' Tulloch\r\nRickey's Rambles\r\nRising Sun, The\r\nRoaring Mary\r\nRob Roy\r\nRoderick Dhu\r\nRoscommon Hunt, The\r\nRoy's Wife of Aldivalloch\r\nRuffian's Rant, The\r\nSandy's Scotch Reel\r\nScolding Wife, The\r\nScotch Lassie-o, The\r\nScotchman's Bonnet, The\r\nA Short Way to Heaven\r\nSe�n Frank\r\nSilver Tips, The\r\nSomething New\r\nSporting Paddy\r\nStar of Munster, The\r\nStrokestown Lasses\r\nSummerhill\r\nSutherland Reel\r\nSweet Molly\r\nTake your Hand Away\r\nTap the Barrel\r\nTemplehouse, The\r\nThreepenny Bit, The\r\nTie the Bonnet\r\nTight Suspenders\r\nTrip to Waterford, The\r\nTullochgorum\r\nWelcome Here Again\r\nWestport New Grove\r\nWicklow Lasses\r\nWiddle Waddle\r\nWide Awake\r\nWilly Brewed a Peck of Malt\r\nWise Maid, The\r\n\r\n\r\n

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