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Learn to Play Irish Tinwhistle - L.E.McCullough

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McCullough, L.E.
\r\nLearn to Play Irish Tinwhistle
\r\nTaught By L.E. McCullough.\r\n
Level 1 Tin Whistle Tutor\r\n
60-minute DVD, Includes music book MSHL 00641866\r\n\r\n\r\n

Here's a complete guide to learning traditional Irish \r\nmusic on the tinwhistle. This easy and enjoyable lesson \r\nwill satisfy beginners picking up the instrument for the \r\nfirst time as well as more advanced players wanting to \r\nstudy intricate embellishments and expressive variations.\r\n\r\n

L.E. McCullough starts with the basics: How to choose a \r\ntinwhistle that's right for you, the proper way hold the \r\ninstrument and how to blow it for maximum ease and effect.\r\nBefore you know it you'll be playing scales and learning\r\nessential techniques such as slides, articulation, \r\nphrasing and tonguing. The all-important ornaments of \r\ntraditional Irish musical style such as single and \r\ndouble grace notes, legato and staccato triplets, and \r\nlong and short rolls are covered in detail.\r\n\r\n

Then, it's on to the best part - playing tunes! Each of \r\nthe five sample pieces is broken down into its \r\nfundamental bare-bones melody, then "fleshed out" with \r\nfull ornamentation and melodic variations: \r\nDown by the Sally Gardens (air), \r\nBritches Full of Stitches (polka), \r\nHanging Out to Dry (double jig), \r\nOff to California (hornpipe), Donegal Reel (reel). \r\nDon't miss exploring the full beauty and potential of \r\nthis instrument. \r\n \r\n \r\n

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