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Wooden Flute Obsession 2


Wooden Flute Obsession 2

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Various - Wooden Flute Obsession 2
\r\nThe second production of the International Traditional\r\nMusic Society.A double disc with 44 artists 97 tunes and\r\nthe same passion as volume one.\r\n

DISC ONE - time 70:31\r\n\r\n\r\n
1. Brendyn Montgomery (3:04 Reels) The Roscommon Reel/The Sweet Flowers of Miltown\r\n
2. Damien Stenson (2:19 Reels) Miss McGuiness/Paddy Gavin's\r\n
3. Tara Diamond (3:40 Jigs) The Sheep in the Boat/I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her\r\n
4. Billy Clifford (4:20 Hornpipes) Spellan the Fiddler/Madam If You Please/Grandfather's Thought\r\n
5. Brian Lennon (3:08 Reels) Colonel Rodgers Favourite/The Happy Days of Youth/Lucky in Love\r\n
6. Kevin Crawford (3:12 Reels) Hut in the Bog/Cregg's Pipes\r\n
7. John Creaven (2:08 Jigs) Killavil/Miller's Maggot\r\n
8. Mick Loftus (2:04 Jigs) The Boys of the Town/The Mist Covered Mountain\r\n
9. Emer Mayock (4:07) The Fickle Lad/On the Strand/Ollistrum\r\n
10. Duncan Davidson (4:28 Slip Jig/Jig/Reel) Gan Ainm/Trip to Athlone/Zig Zag Road\r\n
11. Desi Wilkinson (4:35 Air) My Lagan Love\r\n
12. Mike McHale (3:04 Hornpipes) McGlynn's/Dunphy's Hornpipe\r\n
13. Claire Mann (3:10 Slip Jigs) Denis Ryan's/Guzzle Together/Paddy O'Snap\r\n
14. Brian Finnegan & Sarah Allen (3:28) Larry Get Out of the Bin/Elzic's Farewell\r\n
15. Dan Gordon (2:56 Reel, 3/2) Maid in the Cherry Tree/Jack is Hunting\r\n
16. Michael Clarkson (3:25 Reels) McGovern's Favourite/Cronin's\r\n
17. Elaine Jeffreys (2:12 Reels) Feeding the Birds/Mary McMahon's\r\n
18. Dermot Grogan (2:48 Hornpipes) The Cliff Hornpipe/Gan Ainm\r\n
19. Tom McElvogue (3:27 Reels) Thrush in the Storm/The Cacodemon/The Watchmaker\r\n
20. Gary Hastings (2:06 Reels) Bonnie Anne/Hanley's\r\n
21. Harry McGowan (2:05 Jigs) The Mill Pond/Brendan Tonra's\r\n
22. Michael Hynes (3:53 Lullaby) The Cradle Song\r\n

\r\n\r\nDISC TWO - time 70:42\r\n
1. John Kelly (2:51 Reels) The Bush in Bloom/The Old Road to Garry/Captain Kelly's \r\n
2. Peter Molloy (3:26 Jigs) The Cuigiu Lassies/Freehan's Jig/The Bride's Favourite \r\n
3. Peter Horan (2:50 Hornpipes) Lad O'Bierne's/Sean Ryan's \r\n
4. Gregory Daly (1:47 Reel) Trim the Velvet \r\n
5. Justin Murphy (4:07 Jigs) The Fly in the Porter/Contentment is Wealth/Gillian's Apples \r\n
6. Sharon Creasey (2:54 Hop Jigs) The Promenade/Michael Coleman's Hop Jig/Comb Your Hair and Curl It \r\n
7. Kevin Henry & Maggie Healy (2:25 Reels) Tom Ward's/The New Policeman \r\n
8. Mick Hand (3:27 Air/Reel) Sliabh geal gua na Feile/Tomeen O'Dea's \r\n
9. Leslie Bingham (1:54 Polkas) Standfield's Polkas \r\n
10. Anthony Quigney (3:31 Reels) The Bellharbour Reel/The Torn Jacket/The Raveled Hank of Yarn \r\n
11. Chris Norman (4:23 Highland Dances) What Would You Like?/Untitled/Untitled \r\n
12. Michael Hurley (3:06 Jigs) Deirdre Hurley's/Michael Hurley's #8 \r\n
13. Peter Woodley (2:19 Air) Grey Dawn Breaking \r\n
14. Michael Tubridy (2:55 Step Dance) The Blackbird \r\n
15. Noel Lenaghan (3:34 Slip Jigs) A Fig For a Kiss/The Slopes of Slieve Gullion \r\n
16. Sean Ryan (Chicago) (3:40 Reels) Saint Ruth's Bush/The Stolen Reel/Dan Breen's \r\n
17. Nuala Kennedy (2:34) Da Sixereen/The Plagiarist/Buntata's Sgadan \r\n
18. Thomas Bernard Ryan (1:58 Jigs) Brendan Tonra's/Killavil\r\n
19. Joe Skelton (3:13 Reels) Last Night's Fun/House of Hamill/The Blackthorn \r\n
20. Caoimh�n � S� (3:25 Jigs) The Bould Thady Quill/Sean Coughlan's Jig \r\n
21. Brendan McKinney (2:17 Hornpipe) McGlinchey's Hornpipe\r\n
22. Zac Leger (7:09 Air/Reel) The Maid of Coolmore/The Shores of Lough Reagh\r\n\r\n\r\n

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